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Whether you’re dealing with a new puppy or an older dog with behavior issues, I can help you navigate the challenges and set your dog up for success.

Hi, I'm Stacey

I am the owner and trainer of Fly-N-Bee Farms. My passion for dogs began at
a very young age and I got my first show dog a cocker when I was 13. We competed in 4H, the AKC
Juniors program, obedience and tracking and from then on I have been hooked on the world of dog
training and competing. I have competed in obedience, herding, confirmation, and dock diving. And am
currently learning about the sports of barn hunt, earth dog and scent work.
Professionally I have held classes in the Kitsap county area for almost 30 years. I taught at Petsmart and
went threw there American Pet dog Trainers certification and have been training privately off and on for
the last 25 years. Seems like I have always been helping out friends and family with there dogs. I was
also a trainer and leader for the Kitsap County Dog 4h program for many years. In 2019 I became the
trainer at camp Union Petlodge part-time while working for the Central Kitsap School District as a
substitute para-educator. Which allowed me time to train my own dogs. But when covid hit in 2020 I no
longer had a job. 

So my husband and I made the decision to expand my training business and also start
to offer boarding on our farm in Seabeck. Since then the business has grown we have remodeled our
barn to include heated and rubber matted runs for dogs that are just staying while there owners are
away or if they are here for training.
I consider myself a balance trainer who uses both correction, and positive reinforcement. Every dog and
owner is different so I do not use the same techniques, methods or equipment for every dog and owner
team. I have a lot of experience working with dogs that just need basic manners, dogs that resource
guard and dogs that have reactivity issues with both dogs and people.
I am a certified ADPT trainer and am currently working on a degree in dog training and behavior. I also
will be adding a CGC program to my classes soon.
I offer private lessons, group classes that are held in an arena in Seabeck and I have a board and train
I am one of the blessed people that has turned a lifetime passion for dogs into a carrier. And I absolutely
love watching an owner that has been struggling with there dog start to shine. I look forward to meeting
new owners and dogs and guiding you threw the world of training your dog.

At Fly-N-Bee Farm Your Dog

Is always Treated Like Family

At Fly-N-Bee Farm, Your Dog Is always Treated Like Family

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Client Success Stories

It had been 20 years since we’d had a dog. I had never (well I don’t think we did) owned a leash. We were either living in the country or all the dogs just ran the neighborhood. I definitely needed training (notice I said I needed training) with our new pup. I started with Stacey’s 6 week course for basics. From there, I did private lessons at my home with Stacey. The trainings are step by step, building with new trainings and practices each week. Staceys training is top notch. It works if YOU do the work. I am a lazy dog mom. Stacey had the integrity to let me know the training ultimately was up to me. I’m that mom you see being pulled down the road. Stacey got to know me and I appreciated that above all. I think she was just shaking her head sometimes, but always with a smile. On a last visit she brought me the Gentle Leader. I had no idea such “a thing” existed. Penny is now 3 and her gentle leader is how we walk when away from home or taking her for boarding at Flynbee. To have a trainer that 100% can read the situation was a God send. Penny is never hesitant to get out of the car when we take her to Flynbee.
I wouldn’t leave Penny with anyone but Stacey.

My dogs went to Stacey’s classes for just 6 weeks…(well, 5 for Tot as she was finishing being in heat). They, as well as David and I, learned so much, including things we would never have thought to teach them. Tater, my Chihuahua mix was afraid of everything before we started class. With Stacey’s help, he went from being afraid of the “blue prickly thing” to conquering it.

We learned how to get them to get onto their bed and more importantly, to stay there. Most of all, we learned how to train them to do behaviors that we need them to do. Stacey is very patient, and always willing to help. There were many times that I would shoot her a message with a question or a concern. She would always provide an answer and put my mind at ease. We highly recommend her classes.

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