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We offer a variety of services to help ensure that your dog is happy, healthy, and well-behaved. Below, you’ll find a list of the services we provide.

Board & Train

There are two kinds of dogs and owners that need to do a board and train program. First off an owner
that is struggling with basic manners and doesn’t have the time to put into training. In that case I am
here to help teach the dog and then at the end teach you what I have taught the dog.
The second type of dog is a dog with major behavioral issues like leash aggression, reactivity to other
dogs and or humans, resource guarding. In that case the dog needs to come here to learn how to be safe
around other dogs and humans. A dog with dog aggression will most likely not go home being able to be
thrown in a dog park and you just walk away. But will you be able to walk the dog in public around other
dogs safely yes, same with human aggression they will not learn to love every human in the world but
can they be in public and be safe yes. This kind of dog will need more training and so will the owner. The cost of both programs is different and the amount of time they stay on the farm with me will vary.

Typically a dog that just needs basic manners is here for minimum of 2 weeks at $55 a night. A dog that
is dealing with behavioral issues is $75 a night minimum stay of a month.
While they are here they get 2 play times a day with or without other dogs depending on there
personality and what we are dealing with. Then they will also get about 15 minutes of training time.
They also receive training while out for play. We practice leash walking skills too and from the kennels,
practice recalls while out playing with the other dogs, working on not jumping and waiting at gates and
going in and out of the kennels and doorways.

A dog that is here for just basic manners typically gets one outing in public towards the end of there 2
week stay to proof the training that has been done. A dog with more behavioral issues typically gets out
in public more than once a week as soon as that can be done safely.

Board and train pricing and length of stay is dependent on what the needs of your dog are and we will discuss this at interview and meet and greet time. But the typical time a dog that is needing basic manners and skills is $55 a day and an average stay of 2 to 3 weeks. A dog that is here for Behavioral issues is $75 a day and an average stay of 4 to 6 weeks. 
A dog that needs behavior modification will be taken on trips to town around other dogs etc to work on reactivity issues.  And they need the added time in order to get comfortable out in public. 


We offer boarding on the farm. Dogs stay in 5×5 heated and cooled insulated runs that are inside our
barn. We have a very large play yard that is double fenced for there security and they are never left in
the yard un attended. While in our care dogs will receive meals 2 times a day with owner provided food, they Will get two play times average around 30 minutes each time. They have fresh water available at all times. They have a cot and blankets in their kennels. There kennels are sanitized daily, they get fresh water daily and there are cots and blankets
in the kennels.

Overnight Stays $35
Holiday Stays (Thursday-Tuesday on Three day weekend and One day before and one after a mid week holiday) $45

If your dog requires individual play time while in our you will be charged $50 a day for the added time it requires to give your dog outside playtime,

Extra services available. Bath and grooming before pick up, price varies on dogs breed and what you are wanting grooming wise. We can also do enrichment toys for during the day in the kennel. Those consist of lick mats, Kong Wobblers, Topples. Which can all be stuffed with a variety of choices to include hydrated dog food, fruits and vegetables, Greek yogurt, chicken and so much more. This service is $7 each day they receive one and we can work out a schedule on when you would like me to provide one.

Classes & Lessons

Basic Group Classes

Group Classes are a great way to learn more about how to train your dog and work on basic skills like sit,
down, come, loose leash walking, stay, leave it and wait. We also discuss problem solving of jumping up,
proper greeting of visitors, barking and so much more. Classes are an hour a week for six weeks. The
cost is $150. Classes are held in a covered arena in Seabeck. These classes are not meant for dogs with
major behavioral issues as it is not safe for the other dogs and owners in the classes.

 It will help with
working your dog around distractions and other dogs.

Private Lessons

Private lessons can be either done at our farm, I can come to your or we can meet somewhere like
Home Depot or Clear Creek Trail depending on what issues we are trying to deal with. This is one on
one training with me guiding you threw what to do to help with the issues. If you come to the farm the
cost is $60/per hour and if I have to travel the cost is $70/per hour. Typically private lessons are for
dogs an owners who are really struggling with some behavioral issues that make it unsafe for a dog to be
in a class situation. The goal being to be able to put that dog into classes eventually to continue to work
on the behavior with other dogs and owners around.

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